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Icarus, was was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. According to ancinet Greek mythology, Icarus and Daedalus attempted to escape from Crete by means of wings that Daedalus constructed from feathers and wax. They were the first humans that were able to fly and although Deadalus explicitly warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun as it would cause the wax on his wings to melt, his warnings were neglected and Icarus fell and was lost in the Aegean sea, thus naming part of the Aegean sea, Icarian Pelagos.

Icarus was the litteral example and cause of the metaphoric phrase “If you fly too close to the sun, you will get burned”.




The Icarus suite is 40 sqm, although it can be perfectly combined with the semi-detached Eros suite next to it, it has been constructed with maximum privacy in mind, with a separate entrance, in respect to traditional architecture. All necessary indoor and outdoor facilities are provided. Its indoor spaces can accommodate up to two people and offer one master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom connected to a fully equipped kitchen and a sunlit living room. The outdoor space consits of a 66 sqm half-shaded veranda offering a magnificent island view and an atmospheric pool of 15 sqm with easy access which includes 2 hydro-jets for extra relaxation while enjoying the view and 2 more hydro-jets for counter current swimming.


  • Bedroom:
  • King size double bed,  chair, armchair, 2 bedsides, 43” 4 K smart TV, satellite channels
  • En-suite bathroom with a large shower fully equipped with hair dryer and all essential amenities.
  • A spacious double and a single closet with 3 drawers, containing a safe box, bath robes and slippers
  • One patio door with a magnificent view to the pool and to the horizon  with access to the veranda
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Combined kitchen-living room, separate bathroom with shower and amenities
  • Large fully equipped kitchen with:
  • Dining  table for 4,
  • Large household refrigerator with deep freezer and ice maker
  • Soft touch electric cooker / oven with extra protection for children
  • A dishwasher with preset washing programs , easy to use
  • All required glassware, stoneware, cutlery  and utensils
  • A unique Nespresso automatic coffee-making machine with a variety of  capsules
  • Various accessories like toaster, hot water kettle, juicer, etc
  • Microwave oven
  • A window with a view to the veranda
  • A spacious living room with
  • A sofa-bed
  • 2 very comfortable armchairs
  • Coffee tables
  • A patio door leading to the pool and the pergola with a magnificent view of the whole island
  • Outdoors: Private swimming pool, pergolas, parking area very next to the villa,  etc
  • Atmospheric 15 sqm swimming pool:
  • Magnificent view  while swimming
  • 2 seat hydro-jets
  • Counter current swimming facility for exercise
  • Easy stairs to enter
  • Color changing lights at night
  • No chlorine chemicals used for disinfection 
  • 20 m2 bamboo shaded pergola:
  • Dining table 
  • 2 sun beds
  • BBQ on request 
  • Built  sofas
  • Wood traditional sofa
  • 2 armchairs

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